What are Masterbatches?

Masterbatches are high concentrate of additive and/or colors, well dispersed and distributed in the polymer matrix, when incorporated into products made of virgin polymer, enhances aesthetic, physical and mechanical properties.

Our Product Range

KKPC White Masterbatch

Our commitment to quality starts with sourcing the best Ti02 available for plastics industry and ,the white masterbatches produced at our state of art facility are of excellent quality , with TIO2 loading from 30% to 75%, Our white masterbatches are widely accepted in various applications such as Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Roto Moulding, Mono and Multi-layer film, collapsible tube, pipe, sheet extrusion, woven and non woven fabric etc. They have excellent dispersion, maximum whiteness index and optimum opacity.

KKPC Color Masterbatch

With over thousands of shades of colors in our database in line with international standards like “Pantone”, our state of art color matching laboratory is a delight for customers where their color concepts takes real shape. Our commitment to quality starts with sourcing the best pigments from India and abroad and providing the products with competitive cost. Color masterbatches are available with various base polymers such as PE, PP, PS, PC,PET, ABS, EVA etc.

KKPC Black Masterbatch

Black masterbatch is available with high jetness and excellent dispersion. KKPC offers black masterbatch with carbon black loading 30-50 % which can be used for a variety of applications such as Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Tarpaulin and Multi-layer film, Roto- molding, woven and non- woven fabric . Black masterbatches are available with various base polymers such as PE, PP, PS, PC,PET, ABS, EVA etc.

KKPC Additive Masterbatch

Additive masterbatches are customized to provide solutions to end users to improve their product performance, process stability and production efficiency. We offer additive masterbatches such as UV, anti-static, slip, antislip, antiblock, nucleating, process-aid, optical brightener, flame retardant with various base polymers as required by the customer. They can be used for industrial applications such as woven sacks, injection moulding, film and sheet extrusion, pipe and roto-moulding ,green house, geo-textile, canal lining etc.

KKPC Special Effect Masterbatch

KKPC state of art color matching laboratory offers various special effect masterbatches such as metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, granite and glitter masterbatch. These masterbatches are widely accepted in Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, film, collapsible tube and many other packaging applications.


It is specialized economical process- aid masterbatch for woven sack and blown film application where higher filler loading is involved. The main advantage of the product is to prevent fabrilation in the raffia tape which occurs due to very high stretching during the production of tapes and improves elongation and tear strength in blown film . More than anything at KKPC we ensure that it brings down the cost of the final product as well.

KKPC Transparent (Talc) Concentrate

Transparent filler concentrates are highly dispersed in polyolefin polymer system. These are always recommended to be used  for reducing the cost of the product by replacing costlier polymer up to a certain extent  without affecting  transparency and strength of HM HDPE  films  . They are widely used in HM-HDPE carry bag, shopping bag, lamination, woven sacks etc.

Calcium Carbonate Concentrate

KKPC Calcium Carbonate Concentrate

Calcium carbonate filler concentrates are available in polyolefin and polypropylene base polymer. These concentrates   not only reduces the cost of the products but also improves various mechanical as well as aesthetic properties. These are widely used in , Woven sack, non-woven fabric, HM HDPE film, tarpaulin, pipe and roto-molding , injection molding, blow molding  household items etc.

KKPC specialty Compound

KKPC offers customized filled and reinforced compounds as per the requirement of the customer. With our state of the art manufacturing facility equipped with the best loss-in weight feeders, we are able to produce mineral and glass fiber reinforced compounds, flame retardant compounds based on PE and PP polymer etc.

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