Industries We Serve

With an experienced team of qualified professionals and entrepreneurial management we have developed a long standing relationship with many clients in various sectors of plastics processing industries such as injection molded furniture and household items, blow molded containers as well as monolayer/ multilayer film for packaging, woven sack, non woven fabric, rotational molded tanks as well as containers to name a few and continue to make inroads into specialty applications.

Injection Molding

Standard and customized Colors inducing special effects Additives like mold release, anti static and sink mark removal

Blow Molding

Standard and customized Colors for Food packaging and pharmaceutical bottles cost reduction with specialty filler masterbatch for blow molding

Film Extrusion

Additives like anti bloc, Slip ad anti static Food contact approved Colors for food packaging Uv stabilizers Filler masterbatches for both mono and multi layer application Black masterbatches with very high dispersion

Sheet Extrusion

Antistatic masterbatch for PS gas injected foamed sheet for food trays White, additives and fillers for PP and PS thermo form sheet

PP and PE woven sack extrusion

High light fastness(non fading) colors UV masterbatches with excellent price performance ratio Filler masterbatch (Calcium) with high loading Additives to increase filler loading

Roto Moulding

High light fastness colors for extended outdoor exposure UV masterbatches for preventing polymer degradation

PP and PE Mono filaments

Colors Additives and UV stabilizers

Pipe Extrusion

Black with up to 55% Carbon loading Colors for PE and PPR pipes
Processing & heat stablizers additives. Special grades for drip irrigation pipes

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