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Color Masterbatch Classifications

Color pigment, popularly known as Color Masterbatch is a special polymer coloring element, which consists of dyes or pigments, additives and carriers. Color masterbatch is mostly used for plastics to get the desired color effect in the plastic product. Color masterbatch at the same time increases the functionality to plastics thereby accelerating the product design  and development. We have over thousands of color shades in our database which helps customers to get the exact color they are looking for.

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Color Masterbatches can be commonly classified in the following ways:

  • Base Polymers: PE Masterbatch, ABS Masterbatch, PP Masterbatch, ABS Masterbatch, PVC Color, EVA Masterbatch, PET Masterbatch, PC Masterbatch, PS Masterbatch etc.
  • Type wise: Injection Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch spinning, blowing etc.

All the above mentioned types can further be divided into different grades, such as:

  • Senior Injection Masterbatch: Used in plastic toys, cosmetic packaging, electrical enclosures and various other advanced products
  • Normal/Ordinary Injection Masterbatch: Used for Industrial containers and common household plastic products.
  • Senior blowing Masterbatch: Used for blow molding coloring and ultra-thin products.
  • General blowing Masterbatch: Used for woven bags, general packaging bags and blow molding coloring.
  • Spinning Masterbatch: Used for the textile fiber spinning.
  • Low color Masterbatch: Used for lower quality products such as low-level containers, trash tc.
  • Universal Masterbatch: Used for plastic products in normal temperature.

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KKPC’s specialized polymer compounds and masterbatches are manufactured  to help you get the best in the least expensive cost. We have products ranging from all kinds of compounds, additive and color masterbatches. Follow our blog for more information on masterbatches.

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