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Additive Masterbatches

KKPC offers highly concentrated and functional additive masterbatches which are custom-made to not only meet a specific requirement but also complement the company’s wide range of specialty compounds and color products.

Additive Masterbatches


The Additive Masterbatches are modern formulations which are used in the process of plastic coloring to maximize additive usage and also provide the plastic processors an optimal functionality at a minimum cost of usage.

The making of additive masterbatch is an interesting process. The entire process requires the involvement of various additives like pigments, color dyes along with additional substances. These are later taken together and mixed with polymer carrier resins. Following which they are heated, cooled and afterwards extruded into pellets or granules. These granules which are made of natural polymer are subsequently mixed with various colors along with resin to produce a finished product. In comparison to polymer resins like PP and HDPE, the additive masterbatches have a remarkable thermal conductivity. In fact to give you the real figures,its thermal conductivity is 14 times higher than what we find in PP and 6 times to HDPE. What these figures denote is that during the plastic coloring process, the amount of heat that is generated gets quickly transmitted through the additive masterbatches , ensuring rapid heat transfer.

Reasons why manufacturers prefer additive masterbatch:

1. Cost effective
2. Saves energy
3. Limits flammability
4. Used globally
5. Can be used against any resin
6. Improves the performance of plastic products
7. Enhances the overall performance of the final product

Follow our blog to learn more about masterbatches and how KKPC will help create colorful solutions for you and the plastics processing industry.

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